Todd Fujawa

Todd has lived all over the United States and spent many hours at many Grateful Dead, Bluegrass, Rock, Funk and other superb concerts and festivals.

Todd began his career playing the piano. His parents had a beautiful Steinway baby grand that he cut his chops on. By the third grade Todd had the bug and took up the trumpet. He played in band/orchestra until high school. At age 13 or 14 he started playing the bass and then quickly moved to guitar. For the past 20+ years he has perfected his guitar and vocal skills.

He has spent the majority of his time playing guitar and singing with Big Papa and the Wayard Children, but has been in numerous bands prior and since moving to Austin. Todd plays the mandolin as well and is a string theory nut.

Todd currently resides in Austin, TX where he lives with his beautiful wife and two daughters as well as an animal or two.

Todd’s Gear:

Electric Guitar: Michael Kelly Deuce Phoenix
Acoustic Guitar: Martin DXK2
Mandolin: Michael Kelly A-Solid
Amp: Hughes and Kettner Attax 100
Effects: Dunlop Crybaby Wah, Dunlop Volume Pedal, Mutron Envelope Filter, MXR 90 Phase Shifter.

20 February